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Palestine Ahliya  University

Jabal Daher
PO Box 1041, Bethlehem

ZIP code 90907
West Bank, Palestine

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Scientific Research

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“Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Classification of Ocular and Cardiac Artifacts in MEG Data”

We propose an artifact classification scheme based on a combined deep and convolutional neural network (DCNN) model

Towards the Establishment of National Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs) in Palestine: Assessment of Patient Doses in Common Adult CT Examinations in Governmental Health Sector

Abstract: CT-scan is the most irradiating tool in diagnostic radiology. Patient’s radiation protection must, therefore, be increased during CT-scan procedures.

An assessment of senior and junior medical imaging student’s familiarity with correct radiographic evaluation criteria

This study assessed the student’s awareness and knowledge of radiographic positioning and its evaluation criteria and concluded the efficiency of clinical training.

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