This center aims to provide appropriate training for professionals, teachers, educators, parents and those concerned with working for special needs and to equip them with skills associated with the subject of their work. It should be noted that there is a clear shortage in this specialty in our institutes and universities in the Palestinian Territories





The Special Education Center SEC for Inclusive Education was established in 2011 and works in partnership with the Palestinian local community, Families, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations to develop inclusive communities, which nurture and appreciate the diverse learning needs of all. This is done by doing training, research and offer needed pedagogical and rehabilitative services to the community where all can grow into persons who will lead active and productive lives



1. Organize training courses for cadres specialized in the care and rehabilitation of people with special needs for example, teachers, trainers, educators and professionals and parents concerned.
2. Contribute to the revitalization of educational programs related to people with special needs through the preparation of various educational activities.
3. Dissemination and awareness-raising about people with special needs and their dimensions, with an emphasis on the importance of early detection of various
4. Defending the rights of people with disabilities in Palestine and to enable them in different areas.
5. The organization of competitions and cultural programs and entertainment for people with special needs.
6. Issuance of publications, books and periodicals covering the field of various disabilities.
7. Preparation of research and studies in the field of special needs in cooperation with the associations and local institutions and international organizations.
8. Organization and holding of seminars, conferences and exhibitions related to people with special needs in Palestine.
9. Establishment of a special computer center for people with special needs.
10. Exchange of experiences and cooperation with other bodies and institutions, associations, cultural centers and academic local, Arab and international organizations in order to achieve the objectives of the Assembly.
Development of the local environment and society.
Transform the University into an institution which integrates people with special needs so as to give new opportunities for undergraduate study for all community groups


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