The PAUC Projects Department was formed in September 2010 with a firm belief in the values of democracy, pluralism, human rights, and equal and active participation within the Palestinian society. The Department aims to increase the capacity of the local community, as well as the faculty, staff, and students at Palestine Ahliya University College, through personal and professional development programs and administrative and technical skill-building trainings. The Department also seeks to enhance its cooperation with local institutions from the public, private, and civil sectors as part of the College’s commitment to serve its community.


The PAUC Projects Department aims to develop genuine community partnerships, based on communication and transparency, that provide training programs and development services that serve the community and promote economic participation for all.


The PAUC Projects Department is committed to promoting the values of democracy, pluralism, human rights, and the equal active participation of all, as well as the achievement of national development goals. The Department also strives to develop and strengthen partnerships with local community-based institutions and contribute to the development of the local economy through the production of qualified human resources that can adapt to the Palestinian labor market.


• Strengthen community partnerships with public, private and civil sector institutions.
• Develop customized programs that enhance the skill-sets of individuals of all economic sectors, and graduates in particular, in an attempt to bridge the growing gap between the educational system’s outputs and current market needs.
• Raise the administrative, academic and personal capacities of staff, faculty, and students.
• Contribute to improving the competitive environment of the local economy by delivering projects which aim to reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty.
• Promote the value of vocational education and the life skills associated with it.
• Promote the values of pluralism, good citizenship, good governance, equality, civic participation and engagement, and human rights and democracy.
• Influence decision-makers to improve the legal, social, and economic environment of Palestine.
• Provide specialized studies, consultancies and other development services.
• Organize and participate in conferences, workshops and seminars.
• Contribute to the strategic planning and progress of the College and its various departments.


Name Position E-Mail
Khaled Shanaa General Manager
Stephanie Rodriguez Makhlouf Program Manager
Bahaa Arman Projects Coordinator
Nariman Azeeh Projects Coordinator