The Faculty of law is the first faculty that was established by Palestine Ahliya University College since 2007. And this faculty is known for giving Bachelor degree in law at the south of the west bank. In a short and unexpected while, this faculty occupied an extraordinary part among all the Palestinian faculties of law in Palestine. Four Generations had graduated from this faculty of Law at Palestine Ahliya University college and it became a source of attraction for all the Palestinian community and all the people who apply for a bachelor degree in Law. At the beginning, the main aim from structuring the faculty of law was giving the extremist bachelor program in Law supported by new technical methods that are required to give a visionary education in one hand and a practical education in the other, which this is for the scientific and professional qualification to the graduates. Classes of public law and private law are taken by the students of BA degree with focusing on the various classes chosen by the students to get the qualification of higher degrees in the precise legal disciplines ( Civil law, administrative law, commercial law, criminal law and constitutional law etc…).

The program of law also aims to help in providing qualified graduates in developing the Palestinian legislations in which they keep pace with the other legislation in the other first world countries. Nonetheless, it aims to provide huge numbers of qualified graduates to meet the rising needs of the justice faculty (Jurisdiction, Ministry of Justice, the public prosecutor, the public security service, the criminal police etc..) and graduating lawyers have the diver-sited qualification in law studies. Also it aims to give the Palestinian community what they need from a professional agencies to solve the problems and the challenges that this community suffers from everyday and identify its needs towards the necessary legislation in every stage from its life.


Prepare a generation of BA graduates in law to help establishing a complete and renewed system to accomplish justice in Palestine.


Advancing the visionary and professional education of law and heading to the strict specialization to receive the extreme amount of legal information. Also advancing the strip of justice generally and building the specified jurisdiction and building the basics of the city of law in Palestine particularly.


1) Establishing a new generation from bachelor graduates in law who have the qualification to participate in building the Palestinian institutes and meet the needs of the faculty of Justice in Palestine (Jurisdiction, Ministry of Justice, ministries, private and general institutes and the different devices of police).

2) The provision of qualified graduates to renew and unify the Palestinian legislations and develop the new Palestinian system that gradually is being shaped at which the Palestinian legislations fit the other legislations in the other transformed countries.

3) Establishing qualified lawyers to conduct searches and the legal studies especially in the Interpretation of jurisprudential and meet the changeable and transformed needs of the Palestinian community and dedicate the system of direct interaction between the sciences of law and the Palestinian reality.


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