Information technology has become an important and essential pillar, in the acquisition of knowledge and information systems and the essential foundation for the operations of the competition between countries and institutions of any size, Obtaining of the correct information supplements a solid foundations for competing at all levels. Information Technology contains three foundations Information Systems, Computer Technology, Communication Technology has become an urgent need for institutions and necessary for all administration levels, Information technology is responsible for the production, storage and distribution of information that’s needed for competition and accurate decision making for great efficiency and performance.


The IT department is looking forward to provide the elements for continuous development in the Technology Information education field to keep up the scientific and technological developments accelerated and to ensure the quality of the universities performance and outcome education and build graduates of the section to the high level of excellence and competitiveness, and the completion of research and scientific studies and excellence to maximize the role of the department to serve the environment and develop the community


Providing appropriate knowledge and build the necessary skills in computer science to meet the needs to meet the needs of the labor market and keep pace with changes in the business environment, and through the continuous enrichment of the educational process and the expansion of scientific and practical research programs.


• Build close relationships with the local community institutions, including contributing to overcome the obstacles that may face graduates in their working lives.

• Seek to use technology, including software and scientific sites (computers and the Internet) and the provision of equipment and other necessary halls of the teaching process and requirements.

• The development of scientific research for students and link them to the practical reality to address the most important problems that require scientific study and analysis.


Information Technology Program

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