Conference Overview :

The conference aims at showing the role of technology and entrepreneurship in developing various businesses and maintaining their sustainability. Nowadays, the world is surrounded by rabid electronic revolutions. In a consequence, businesses need technological innovations to develop and sustain. Entrepreneurship on the other side became a core pillar in business success and prosperity where most of inventions and modern industries are a result of entrepreneurial activities done by either individuals or firms supported by technological revolutions and advancements which the world witnesses.

Conference Objectives :

  • Present the cutting edge research trends in entrepreneurship and Information Technology
  • Share experiences to contribute to scientific and academic community development which supports entrepreneurial prospects.
  • Present success stories in technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Reinforce the trust between the university and the community.
  • Formulate effective visions that formulate relationship between technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Identify the most important challenges facing the sector of entrepreneurship in Palestine.
  • Highlight the role of entrepreneurship and technology in the development of the economy.