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Prof. Awni Khatib

University President

00970 - 22751566 / 121

“بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم “

In the name of Allah, the most merciful,

Palestine Ahliya University aims to excel as the Premier University for men and woman in Palestine. Offering a range of Professional schools and liberal arts education. PAU emphasizes world class education and lifelong engagement of its student alumni to contribute to society at large.

I`m honored to have been selected as the third president to serve PAU, and it is with pride and excitement that I join the University. I come to PAU after an academic teaching and research in Inorganic and Environmental Chemistry at Hebron university and visiting appointments at Konstanz University, Oldenburg University (Germany) and The University of Oklahoma and the University of California – Santa Cruse – USA. I also gained administrative experience as I served as the fourth president of Hebron University. I will strive to ensure that all educational programs are relevant, challenging, stimulating and attractive.

The heart and soul of any University is its faculty, my administration and I will work closely with the board of trustees and the faculty to enrich the academic life, by upgrading the existing specialties and initiate new ones.


 Awni Khatib